Reweave CH-24

Do you have a CH-24 with a broken seat or should I say broken danish cord. Then you can reweave it pretty easilly, just remove the old cord, buy a new cord and start weaving. Don’t forget how the cord was weaved, take some photos of how it looked and if you take the cord off by doing a reversed weave then you probably get the feeling for the weave technique.

The weave is built up by two separate weaves. The first one is just a few rounds around the right front rung. Fasten the cord the same way the original ”coil” was fastened, with a little nail. Perhaps you even saved the original one or possible all three or four of them. Use the original nailholes, you don’t have to make new ones. The number of rounds can differ, what you are trying to accomplish is make a start for the second weave, the big weave that covers the whole seat. Acctually is the seat. The ”coil” should be some many rounds so that the end of the coil is in straihgt line with the right back leg, minus 3 millimeter. Sometimes that doesn’t meen that you can use the second hole for the coil in the rung, even if you have the same number of rounds, usually 11 rounds in the ”coil”. Just see to it that the end is in line with the leg, minus 3 millimeters.

Then you do the same on the left side of the front rung. Use the old hole and do about 11 rounds. Sometimes you get a cord that isn’t 3 millimeters wide, even if you ordered it. It can be a little bit thinner. You notice it when you have to make 12 rounds to reach the right position. For this the second weave you can take a couple of meters of the cord, that will cover about 2 rounds around the seat, then you take a shuttle and put a lot of cord on it. I use a shuttle about the same lenght as the front rung. Tie a knot were you can’t see it when the seat is finished. All you have to do now is to continue around and around, put more cord on the shuttle until you have reached to the middle and there is no more room for the cord. You should be at the front rung when you deside to stop the weaving, or at the back depending on how tight you have done the weave. Then you start going over and under, back and forth until you can’t do more weaving. Then you take a nail and fasten the cord approximitly on the same place as the old cord was nailed. Or some were else if the cord was thinner or thicker. Just do it where you can’t see it so easily. Finished!

One thing I forgot to tell you, notice the first round on the side rungs, the cord is weaved around it one turn. On the right rung you make the turn on the inside of the cord so that it is crossed on the underside. On the left side you just make a round and then continues with the weaving. Hope you understand what I mean, perhaps you noticed the turn when you reverse weaved.

Good Luck!